Hopefully Gavin will learn his lesson. Yeah… Probably not.

Hopefully Gavin will learn his lesson. Yeah… Probably not.

This is one of those situations where all I can say is, you brought this on yourself.

Last night Gavin informed us that he earned a jeans day pass and so he wanted to wear jeans to school today.  Sounds great….right?

The problem is that he forgot the pass at school and so we would have to trust that he was telling us the truth..


That’s not gonna happen. 

I explained to him that because of all the lies he tells us, we simply don’t believe him and would need to actually see the pass for ourselves before allowing him to wear jeans to school.

He was not happy with that answer and to be completely honest, it felt good to dish that out to him. 

This was a perfect situation to use as a teaching tool for him.  We don’t trust him because he lies to us about everything.  Because he does that, we can’t trust that he’s telling us the truth about the jeans day pass.  So until we actually see it, as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t exist.

This is a natural consequence of the choices he’s been making and hopefully, this will click with him and he’ll realize that…

The reality is that while he’s pissed off, he won’t learn anything.  However, as a parent, I can find comfort in the fact that I’m still trying to teach him, despite the odds.

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Raynette Jones

did you ever figure out if he got the jeans pass?. i would assume that this school is a special school. wouldnt it make sense that they would staple it to his take home book or something. not every single one of these kids are able to remember to give there parents a piece of paper or may not be able to explain to the parent about the jeans day pass. you know me by now that i usually am on the kids side (any kid) unless we have video

Lost and Tired

I had actually forgotten about that until you said something..

Raynette Jones

that why i am here lol I gotcha back bubba


I totally understand this situation, and I have been in your shoes numerous times. I worry a bit that you seem to enjoy “dishing this out” to Gavin — that doesn’t seem precisely healthy to me. I have also had the experience that I doubted, but it turned out to be the total actual truth. So you never know.. wouldn’t it be nice if Gavin did earn a privilege?

Lost and Tired

I think you’re reading to much into this. I do to enjoy tormenting him. However, I do enjoy when natural consequences are able to provide a lesson that I otherwise couldn’t.

The reality is that we have been burnt way too many times to assume that anything he’s telling us is true.

I understand where you’re coming from though and I agree that it would absolutely wonderful if he earned this privilege.


Fair enough. I just always try to keep my eyes on the prize: modeling empathy so my kids will learn it. You have a belief in justice as a teacher that I just don’t have. Maybe you are right, who knows?

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