PLEASE READ THIS – Dedicated to all my #SpecialNeedsParents

So I found this quote and I was really taken aback by it.  It’s absolutely spoke to me on many levels and I wanted to share it with all of you and ask that you please take this to heart. 

I’m personally going through a really hard time and I know many of you are as well. 

I found this to be so fitting and it really resonated with me.  I hope it makes you realize just how strong you really are….. As always, best wishes and know that I am someone who understands……. You aren’t alone.


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Christy Garrett

Great words of wisdom, thank you for sharing.

Raynette Jones
Raynette Jones

good one. of course i dont think like everyone else. i think it is hard to quit. especially since i am still trying to get my kid well. the reason i havent quit is because he is my baby. it is my responsibility to do every thing i can. i beleive in God and Jesus but i also can’t just “give it all over to him” and i have tried but i grab it right back. the reason i do that is that yes God has got this but he isnt expecting me to sit on my butt and do… Read more »