The tantrum that scared the pee out of our dog -

The tantrum that scared the pee out of our dog

Gavin had a tantrum this morning that was so bad, Bella (our Boxer puppy) literally peed on the floor as she was running away from his rage.

He was caught lying again and because of that, faced the consequences.  Those consequences began with no TV and escalated with his rage to not being allowed to go to Grandma’s this weekend.

He was self-injurious and very, very loud. 

At the moment, he’s sleeping in bed because his IVIG Infusion makes him really tired.  I’m hoping that this morning doesn’t set the tone for the extended weekend.


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Becky Wiren

Aw! Rob, you just can’t catch a big break. Hope he feels better and acts better. Maybe having health stuff makes him act worse. (I know I do.) So sorry to hear. Hope your weekend improves and you all have a good one.

Lost and Tired

Thank you

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