PETA says #Milk causes #Autism. Hey @PETA Got #Commonsense?

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I’m not sure if you all have seen this but PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) appears to be using Autism to further their agenda. Here’s a quote from the first paragraph in their article.

Autism is a brain disorder that causes sufferers to have extreme difficulty communicating and relating to others. It is often marked by anti-social behavior like screaming and obsessive repetition of actions, which takes an enormous emotional toll on sufferers and their families. PETA has created a billboard to alert the public to the connection between this devastating disease and dairy-product consumption.

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PETA Reaction

They are clearly trying to use scare tactics to further their agenda. This is absolutely disgusting. I love animals as much as the next guy but what they are doing is ethically and morally reprehensible, just to get people to “give milk the boot”.

It’s clear that PETA’s main objective is to discourage the consumption of cows milk. Too bad PETA doesn’t care as much about people as they do animals. Read this quote from their closing paragraph.

It isn’t surprising that dairy products may worsen this disease, considering that milk has already been strongly linked to cancerCrohn’s disease, and other serious health problems. Anyone who wants to alleviate or avoid the devastating effects of autism should give cow’s milk the boot and switch to healthy vegan alternatives instead. To learn more about a diet free of dairy products, order our free “Vegetarian Starter Kit” today.

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FYI PETA…. If removing milk from a child’s diet alleviates their Autism, they didn’t have Autism to start with…….. Whoever does your marketing needs to be fired.



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