When telling the truth makes things even more confusing

Here’s some positive news that while on the surface it seems great, on a deeper level it makes the gas more complicated. 

I will begin with the easiest one first. 

Gavin had his Friday IVIG Infusion this morning and it went really well.  He’s currently sleeping it off right now but feeling just fine.  With any luck, the rest of the day will be spent recovering and not having an Autonomic Crisis.

With that said, here comes the more complicated piece of positive news that I’m not sure quite how to take. 

I don’t remember if I shared with you that Gavin had another run in with the classmate that he had been bullying.  This other student accused Gavin of stealing his pencil. 

Gavin swore up and down that he hadn’t taken anything but his story didn’t smell right and based on his story and his history with this particular student, we simply didn’t believe him.  Lizze and I believed that he had taken the pencil to mess with this kid.


As per the norm, we can’t believe Gavin story until we verify it for ourselves. 

When Lizze and I met with the principal yesterday, I brought this up.  I explained my concerns and wanted his feedback. 


As it turns out, Gavin was telling us the truth and this particular student is having some significant behavioral issues.  The principal confirmed with us that at least in yesterday’s situation, Gavin had done absolutely nothing wrong. 

While Lizze and I won’t apologize to Gavin for not believing him, we did thank him for telling us the truth. 

I know this seems like a great thing and Ina way it is.  However, what it does is male things in general, even more complicated.  It’s one thing when he lies all the time but now there is some truth sprinkled in. 


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