It's one of those days where I must face reality -

It’s one of those days where I must face reality

There are days where I can sorta put out of my mind, all the things that are outside of my immediate control.  Unfortunately, today isn’t one of those days and I’ve spent a large part of this afternoon GA ING the reality of some of my problems. 

There are bills I’ve been putting off because there have been other more pressing expenses. 

I’m sure some of you know what it’s like to juggle the bills because your resources are limited. 


When something comes along that needs to be fixed or addressed, it can be devastating and destabilizing….

Juggling the bills can work for awhile but at some point it catches up to you and you can’t keep all those balls in the air.  That’s pretty much where I’ve found myself today. 

I would love to exist in a world where I can live inside that bubble of ignorant bliss for an eternity because I have way too many things to worry about.  Unfortunately though, that isn’t the way the world works.  In fact, we don’t get many breaks, if any at all.  As a special needs family, we are held to the same standard as everyone else. 

Whether or not that’s fair or even realistic is a debate for another time.  For now, I’m just trying to get those balls back up into the air so I can continue juggling.

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Philippa Connell

Definitely know about juggling the bills. We’ve pretty much sacrificed everything in favour of rent, food and internet (for my job hunt). We haven’t paid for gas, water or electricity since November, and my mobile phone has just been cut off.

Gotta love the balancing act!

Lost and Tired

Hang in there. Balancing acts are always an adventure. 🙂

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