It's gonna take a lot of effort but I'm really trying to remain positive -

It’s gonna take a lot of effort but I’m really trying to remain positive

Wow…. A rough morning was had by all.  Actually, Gavin had a good morning.  Elliott was struggling a lot bit and so was Emmett.

Lizze has been up since 3am and I woke up this morning to find the physical impressions of the springs in what’s left of our mattress, tattooed across my body. 

I feel like I could sleep for a really long time but I can’t. 

My goal for today is to try and make the best of everything.  I’m taking Lizze to her doctors appointment this morning.  I’m gonna squeeze in at least 3 miles while she getting therapized before coming back to pick her up. 

To be completely honest with you, I’m really pushing it today.  It’s gonna be pretty tough for me to try and focus on the positive today. 

Perhaps later on this afternoon, I’ll share about the meeting we had with Dr. Pattie last night. 

To say it was emotional would be an understatement…

For now, I’m gonna hopefully find my happy place in the next 3 miles….


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Raynette Jones

did i miss the post on your visit to Dr. Pattie? if it is too personal i understand. I hope something came out of it that was positive or heading in the right direction. hang in there

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