On the Brightside – There could be a very positive outcome from today

While I slept like complete garbage last night, I’m going into today being as positive as possible.  As you know, our goal for Gavin at this point is to enter residential treatment. 

One of the biggest obstacles last year to this was the fact that he was not medically stable and we couldn’t find a treatment facility that would touch him as a result. 

Gavin’s not had a Autonomic Crisis in quite some time. 

Actually, let me rephrase that statement.  Gavin’s not been hospitalized for an Autonomic Crisis in at least 6 months or so. 

I’m hoping that Dr. Moodley will sign off on residential treatment and go on the record as saying that Gavin is stable at this point. If we can accomplish this today, we have a realistic shot at making residential treatment happen.

This would be a huge check mark in the win column for my entire family.  It’s also the last thing we can do to give him a shot at a better life.


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Raynette Jones

i am praying this goes in the direction you and your family need

Lost and Tired

Thanks Ray.. ☺

Brianna L.

I not going to lie and say it will be easy for anyone having to deal with residential treatment but there are many benefits for everyone from the long journey ahead for you if he is approved to go into residential. I had to place my at the time 9 years old into it for a year and a half because i had lost complete control of the situation. As of right now she ( is now 15 years old) is headed back into to residential treatment within the new few weeks because it is affecting everyone. It will be a long process but just know that everyone is with you and is thinking of you and your family.

Lost and Tired

Thanks Brianna. If you don’t mind me asking, what behaviors are you seeing?

Brianna L.

Mainly self-injury behavior, but there is lying and she has been caught bullying other kids both students and her brothers. Also within the past few weeks wandering off / running away.

Lost and Tired

I’m so sorry…. I can relate to most of that