It's a Sensory Thing -

It’s a Sensory Thing

I was awoken this morning to Elliott and Emmett locked in a screaming match. Emmett was upset because they both had a snack of various fruits.  Emmett got upset because what Elliott picked for his fruit bowl, didn’t match what Emmett had in his….

I can’t seem to help Emmett understand that things don’t always have to match.

In Emmett’s world, everything should be in pairs. Identical pairs.  It’s a sensory thing.


I wanted to share one of the things we do to help Emmett with his sensory related issues.  It’s called brushing and it’s a widely used technique to help kids with sensory processing disorder to work through some of the sensory related issues by desensitization

Before we get Emmett dressed sometimes we have to brush him in order for him to be able to tolerate his clothes.

Check out Emmett getting brushed in the short video below.

Brushing a child with Autism and SPD:

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Just going to add my 2 cents in here…Wilbarger brushing is supposed to be hard -it’s like a massage with the brush.
The awesome thing that Lizze is doing is a cognitive behavioural technique with “brushing the grumpies out”

Lost and Tired

You are correct. Lizze is sorta blending them together. We were trying to get him in a better head space. Emmett likes to be brushed really hard.

Thanks for pointing that out.. 🙂

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