Today is really, really trying my patience -

Today is really, really trying my patience

Today is only the first day of Summer and I’m already overwhelmed.  This transition is tough on everyone but it’s particularly tough on Emmett and Lizze. 

Historically, Emmett has never really done well with change and the multiple meltdowns he’s had today are testament to that. 

Lizze on the other hand is struggling for a different reason.  Gavin is now home 24/7 and that’s extremely difficult for her because of the abuse she’s endured at his hands.  During the school year she gets a reprieve during the day but now that schools out, there’s no break and nowhere she can go to get away. 


She’s not sleeping at night and that makes life extra challenging as well. 

One of the things I forgot to mention in my previous update about this week’s trip to the Cleveland Clinic has to do with the impact this is having on her body. 

Basically, treating her chronic pain, fibromyalgia and daily migraines is going to be extremely difficult because of the catastrophic amount of stress she’s experiencing as a result of Gavin’s behavioral problems related to Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Watching her go through this is very difficult for me and all I want to do is take away her pain. 

Trying to find some kind of balance that allows Gavin to have at least some freedom whilst ensuring everyone else’s safety is absolutely exhausting. 

It’s really hard not to be resentful towards Gavin for his behaviors and the distress they are causing everyone in the house.  These behaviors are not Autism related and are instead related to the fact that he’s considered a full blown sociopath, even though he’s not yet 18 years of age. 

Autism is one thing and we deal with that all the time. 

Living with a sociopath is something very, very different than anything most people will ever experience. 

On top of all this, I think I’m fighting off some kinda stomach bug cause I haven’t been feeling well.  I suppose it could be stress but either way, I’m off my game today. 

I will say that I haven’t lost my cool yet with anyone.  I’ve had to raise my voice a few times but that’s not too uncommon and it was mostly in relations to one of the dogs getting into something. 

Something that I think society forgets is that being a special needs parent does not mean we come with any superhuman powers or an infinite supply of patience.  I’m certainly not feeling very superhumany today and that’s probably true for my on most days,  at least the ones that end in “y”. 

I truly hope everyone is doing okay.  I know first hand how trying this transitional period can be for both the child with Autism and the parent caring for them. 

Please remember to take fine for yourself whenever possible because you need to replenish yourself from time to time.  You’re only human and you need to take care of yourself……. 🙂

Best wishes…..

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Raynette Jones

please pray everyone that i find someone to take my son to his ivig treatment and his regular rhumatology appt. i have two friends and his dad to work with. i will be calling them tonight or tomorrow to see who is available. i have to work (because of things like food and rent) at my new job. it is such a mess trying to get things figured out

Lost and Tired



Just curious, but why aren’t the kids, particularly Gavin, attending an Extended School Year (ESY) program through their school? To be sure his IEP team would agree he needs it and it would give Lizze some stress relief.

Lost and Tired

That’s a really good question. I think the problem is that his grades were okay. But.. That was only because he wasn’t held to an 8th grade level.

The other boys are at least a grade ahead of themselves.


Hang in there!

Lost and Tired

Thanks Dobby


How does Autism impact Gavin?

Lost and Tired

That’s a good question. He’s significantly developmentally delayed. There’s a large gap between his chronological age and his emotional age.

We see things like obsessive behavior and social awkward

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