Holy Shit…. The boys have the next 5 days off from school O_o

The boys seem to be dealing with an upper respiratory thing that’s apparently going around the school. 

Elliott was coughing last throughout the night and poor Emmett is so plugged up, I can hear a high pitched whistle noise when he breaths through his nose..


When I called them off this morning, the principal was saying that it’s going around the school. 

I’m gonna get them on some benadryl after they eat and hopefully that will help to clear them up a bit. 

The oh shit happened when I realized that the boys had a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow.  That means with today added to that, they’re gonna be home for the next 5 days…

I love my kids more than life itself but I also like my sanity and this is going to make for a very, very long weekend….. ☺

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