Has your child with #Autism been mistreated or abused while at school?

Has your child with #Autism been mistreated or abused while at school?

Has your child with #Autism been mistreated or abused while at school? What happened and what was done about it?

Are you satisfied with the resolution, if there even was one….??


I keep reading more and more about kids with Autism being abused at school, on the bus or at the playground.  This is so concerning for me and should be concerning to everyone really. 

I feel like playing nice doesn’t work and we need to be much more aggressive with how we deal with or address this type of cowardice..

How common is this actually? Is it just a more isolated type thing that shows up in the news?

Please share your experience below..

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My son, who is non verbal and 3, came home one day with essentially a black eye. One teacher and two aides in the room and only two other kids. Nobody knew what happened. He gets handed from a teacher to the bus aide, too, and brought directly home (There is nobody else on his afternoon bus) and of course they didn’t know anything either. I called the principal, the teacher, the bus company. Got nothing. The teacher said maybe one of the other kids did something to him but wouldn’t tell me which one and he is non verbal also so he wouldn’t confess anyway. Nothing was done. They said I could come to school whenever I want to check on him and take over his transportation but this is not our neighborhood school and I have another kid who goes to school somewhere else at the exact same time. I changed his placement for next year, putting him in a completely special ed school just to avoid this teacher having him again next year.

Lost and Tired

Thank you so much for sharing your heartbreaking story. If it would help, I’m willing to help you share your story, if you decide that’s what’s best. It’s harder for people to hide when we shine the light on them. 🙂

I truly hope next year goes better for your son.

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