I feel absolutely horrible but we have no choice but to waste it

I’ve been meaning to share this for a few months now but just haven’t gotten around to it.  I was reminded once again this morning in because of Gavin’s IVIG Infusion. 

As you know, Gavin’s receiving IVIG twice a week. Each dose he receives is 3 grams.  That means he takes 6 grams total per week. 

Herein lies the problem.

For the last few months there has been some kind of shortage.  Apparently, you can’t get the 1g or 3g vials of GAMMAGARD right now.  In order to fill Gavin’s prescription, we have been receiving 5g vials each month. 


The reason I feel so horrible is because we draw 3g out of the available 5g in a vial and discard the rest.  I asked about saving the remaining 2g for the following Infusion and was told absolutely not because these are single use vials and contain no preservatives.  Once the seal is broken, it must be used or discarded. 

What does this mean?

It means that we are throwing away 4g of life saving GAMMAGARD each week.  This makes me sick because there are so many people in the world that desperately need this life saving medication and for whatever reason, either can’t afford it or get it approved by insurance, they are forced to endure without it. 

Truthfully we have no choice but to do so.  Refusing to do this would put Gavin’s life in jeopardy and what parent would be willing to do something like that on principle? We certainly aren’t.!

Not only is this a waste of the precious medication but it’s also a waste of money as well. 

Insurance is paying for the 10g per week, even though Gavin’s only using 6g. When I think I of all things we have struggled to get covered, like his Sodium Tablets (which are still out of pocket), it really upsets me to see them so willing to throw money away but not cover another medication that is absolutely vital in reducing the risks of him going into an Autonomic Crisis. 

I realize that insurance probably has no other choice but to cover it however, I can’t help but wonder if a shortage is intentionally created by the pharmaceutical company because they stand to profit more from forcing insurance to pay a higher price…. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this because I feel so guilty that this is happening. Perhaps it’s something that someone out there can provide some insight into for me.  Maybe I’m not understanding what’s actually happening…

Either way, I want to say how sorry I am that this is happening.  I truly hope and pray that anyone out there that needs this medication can find a way to get it. 

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Christy Garrett

It is frustrating but I think you are right that people are finding ways to make more money since Obamacare came into play. I know that some of my own medical costs are outrageous.