The essentials for a camping trip with Autistic children

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Guest Post by Jack Carter

The thought of planning the perfect camping trip can be very daunting when you need to take various circumstances into consideration. Regular outings can be hard for families with an autistic child, but it does not mean that you have to miss out on the fun. Camping trips, in particular, are the perfect chance for children to experience new situations and surroundings – it is an enjoyable adventure for all!

Of course, there are a variety of things to consider to make the trip as comfortable as possible for an autistic child. Whether they like routine and the familiar or need something at all times to stay occupied; these tips should help. Read on to discover the essentials for a camping trip with Autistic children.

Snacks Snacks Snacks

Having lots of food on hand to keep children from getting cranky and frustrated is a brilliant hack. Snacks can almost always be a redirection tool to help distract them from something causing them distress.

The Buddy System

If there is a fairly large group heading off on the camping trip, apply the buddy system to take the full pressure and responsibility off your hands. It can be hard to juggle multiple tasks while out on a camping trip; putting the tent up is a struggle in itself! Assign different tasks and challenges to each pair, and you will soon notice just how much more efficiently things get done. This is also a great way for a child with autism to interact with other kids.


Camping trips will certainly make you fall in love with the beauty of nature, but don’t forget that you won’t have on-demand electricity at the switch of a button. There is always one child who is busting for the toilet the second it gets dark – avoid the fumbling around and purchase a tactical flashlight that will guide the way. Not only is a flashlight necessary for finding your way around, but it is also very comforting for children who may feel uncomfortable in new situations; the dark certainly doesn’t help! Check out this guide on tactical flashlights to find what the market has to offer.

Lost Kit

It is very common for autistic children to wander off and find themselves in dangerous situations.Unfortunately, when going on a camping trip, there is still the risk of wandering. In the unfortunate case that this happens, carry a photo and details of all children on the trip. It is also worth making the child carry around an information tag with phone numbers on so that whoever finds them can get in contact. The fear of losing your child should not put you off organizing a camping trip, but it is important to take all factors into consideration.

With these important tips in mind, your camping trip is well on the way to being a success. Get the tent up, sit back, and relax! There is no reason why your camping trip shouldn’t be an excellent experience for all.

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