City Life is Hard: Learn to Streamline

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Times are a-changin’, and if you don’t keep up with them, no one is going to look back and try to help you up. Of course, you can always just sit in a woodland hut out in the wilderness, hunting for food, your choice. Living in the city is though and it can prove to be quite the ordeal, constant rat race, stress on every corner, big spendings just waiting to pounce on your hard earned
money. It really is as bad as it sounds, and yet, everyone keeps coming back to the city, or justbnever leaving in the first place. There is a certain appeal which you cannot really place your finger on, but it’s there. Maybe it’s something to do with running water, central heating or good internet speeds, who knows. Let’s see how you can make your life in the city a bit easier, and
overall streamlined.

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Tired of eating out of the house?

If you feel like you’ve been to Subway or Pizza Hut just a few times too many in the past few weeks, and have a craving for some proper home-made food, then Blue Apron is your friend.

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This is an almost foolproof method of getting some homemade food into your routine. If learning to cook has been on your to-do-list since you left your parent’s house, this is a great way get started. You get a package delivered to your home with ingredients and instructions on how to
use them, slowly easing you into becoming a professional chef in no time. Ok maybe it isn’t that effective that quickly, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try. If you don’t think this is the kind of thing you would be interested in, you’re not the only one. Fortunately, the internet is rich with all sorts of information, which even includes culinary advice. More of a visual learner? Look no further than YouTube for some easy recipes.

Remote Address

Are you almost always out of the house? Do you want to be more eco-friendly? Do you hate seeing that pile of letters growing on the floor next to your door? Maybe you could interest yourself in a remote address where you could get your mail delivered. It might sound like a strange concept, so feel free to find more details on if you need
any more in-depth explaining. This is perfect for the person who is out of the house a lot; you can get your mail delivered somewhere else, which then gets scanned and emailed to you straight away. Not only does it save you the trouble of having to open all the letters and categorising then storing them yourself, but it also frees up your hallway.

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Click ‘n’ Collect

Tired of always missing your packages because you’re at work like the average person during the week? Yeah, so is everyone else. If you want to stop missing your deliveries and be able to pick them up after work somewhere, there is a service for that. Several names like Doddle,
Amazon lockers, UPS access points, have hopped on the gravy train and are currently
competing for customers, so feel free to find one that’s the closest to you.

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