What Is IPTV and How Can It Benefit Families?

When you are a single parent, cost cutting becomes a pastime. You want to know how best to reduce your expenditure without buying low quality or unreliable goods and services, right? But cutting costs can be difficult for the family if it negatively affects your kids, their opportunities and their comfort at home. Particularly for large families, cost cutting is a delicate balance which can be pretty hard to achieve. Keeping your family supported as a single parent is financially, physically and emotionally tiring – but it can be done, with determination and love. 

What does this have to do with IPTV? Read on to find out how IPTV can slash your television costs and leave more budget for family fun, bills, your home and your life.

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What Is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is a service which uses the internet, rather than satellite or cable, to access TV channels you love. IPTV is used by millions of Americans and can be accessed by anyone with a solid WiFi connection. It provides a cost effective solution to expensive television packages which provide unnecessary channels you don’t want, at a high price. Although IPTV is streamed through the Internet, it does not limit your choices to just shows and movies that are available online. It is just another channel by which to stream the same TV shows and live news that you love.

It is also easy to set up and use for people of any age or technological ability. Watch Troypoint’s IPTV Tutorial to see how it works!

The Pros Of IPTV

What are the pros of IPTV? Here is a list of the key pros!

  • It is cost effective. The average IPTV package can be as low as 9.99 USD per month, as opposed to cable TV at around 49.99! This slashes your costs more than in half and saves your money to spend in other areas.
  • It is reliable. The Internet is not exactly an unreliable source when it comes to streaming quality. It works 24/7 and rarely experiences blips.
  • It gives thousands of channels. Both Internet shows and regular TV shows are available through IPTV, providing sports, entertainment, news, adult content and much more.

The Cons of IPTV

  • You need a solid WiFi connection. If you live in a very rural area or don’t have a reliable WiFi provider, you might find IPTV difficult to navigate. Without WiFi you will need to use data, which can be very pricey.
  • You might spend more time in front of the TV! This service is so good that you might end up spending more time watching TV than usual. With a multitude of channels to choose from for the whole family, you will have to set some ground rules when it comes to excessive screen time.

If you have never heard of IPTV, welcome to the future! It will revolutionize how you watch TV and save you money every month. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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