Prolong the life of your sunglasses with these maintenance tips

Prolong the life of your sunglasses with these maintenance tips

Did you know that you should be wearing your sunglasses all year round? Even in the cold, plummeting temperatures of winter, your eyes are still at risk from harmful UV rays and sun damage.
So, now that you’re going to be using your eyewear more often, you need to know how to take care of them properly! Here we’ll explore how to prolong the life of your sunglasses with these maintenance tips.

Choose high-quality brands

In the long run, it’s far more cost-effective to purchase high-quality sunglasses. Simply because they’re made with durability in mind and they’re made of better quality materials. If you spend a little more money initially, you’re more likely to look after them better too. High quality sunglasses like these are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and they come with UV protection so whether you’re hitting the beach with your family or you’re driving in the winter months, your eyes are protected from glare and those harmful UV rays.

Clean them correctly

A smear or smudge on your sunglasses is incredibly irritating – this is when most of us start rubbing our lenses on the cuffs of our shirts. It might seem effective but you could be causing more damage than you realize. Using a microfiber cloth and rinsing your sunglasses with water before you start to dry them will ensure any grit or dust is removed first. Cleaning your sunglasses this way is much more effective and will sustain the quality of your lenses for longer.
Don’t place them on the top of your head
It’s something we all do! Whether you’re heading into a store and we need to take our sunglasses off for a moment, or you’ve placed them on your head so you don’t forget them as you head out of the door, placing our sunglasses on our heads seems like the most natural thing in the world. However, if you want to preserve your sunglasses for longer, then it’s a habit you need to get out of. Placing your sunglasses on your head will stretch the frames and make them lose their shape. Always store them in a hard case!

Handle with care!

We don’t often show sunglasses the same due care and attention that we give our regular eyewear. We throw them into the glovebox, take them off with one hand, drop them on the floor and toss them into our beach bags without a second thought. However, if you want to preserve your sunglasses and make them last longer, you should always handle them with care. Take them off gently and remember to store them correctly.

Be wary of heat

It sounds odd but leaving your sunglasses exposed to intense temperatures can warp the frame and damage the lenses. So, avoid keeping them in your vehicle during the summer months where temperatures can soar to unbearable temperatures.

Final thoughts…

Follow the steps above and your sunglasses will last for more than just one summer!

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