5 Tips to Help Prevent Cataracts

Cataracts are a condition which affects the eyes. A cataract sees the eye’s lens suffer from opacification, a clouding which results in reduced vision. It can affect one or both eyes and is typically common in older adults – although it can also be an issue for children.

Statistics from the American Academy of Ophthalmology revealed that almost 25 million US residents aged 40 and above suffer from cataracts. Without the right treatment, this condition can lead to permanent blindness.       

While there is no any scientific proof of being able to prevent cataracts completely, there are steps which can be taken to lessen your risk factors.

1. The right diet

The right diet can help with many health-related issues – and that includes cataracts. It is one of the main tips provided by the Visionary Eye Centre in their in-depth ‘Your Guide to Cataract Surgery’.

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Based on their advice, a prime focus should be placed on foods which are rich in antioxidants. These foods include fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, prunes, and cranberries. The likes of pecans, red beans, and dark green vegetables also feature high levels of antioxidants.

By eating foods like these, as well as those packed with minerals and vitamins, you could potentially help to fight off the development of cataracts.

2. Avoid dry eyes

Most patients who suffer from cataracts have dry eyes. This condition happens when someone cannot produce enough tears to care for their eyes and fend off the possibility of cataracts.

As a result, it makes sense that you ensure your eyes don’t reach the stage of being dry. The good news is there are numerous treatments and management strategies you can utilize. These can range from eye drops to tear-producing prosthetics, with the option depending on the root cause behind your dry eyes.

3. Protection against the sun

The right eyewear can make the difference in the fight against cataracts. Extended exposure to ultraviolet light is known to increase the chances of developing cataracts, so sunglasses that possess 100% UVA/UVB protection are recommended. Even if it overcast or cloudy, make sure you take your sunglasses with you when outside.

Aside from sunglasses, you can also receive specialist coatings for regular glasses which protect against UV light.

4. Avoid cigarettes and (excess) alcohol

Yes, you already know cigarettes are not good for your health. However, you might not realize that research suggests smoking can increase the possibility of developing cataracts – and it only increases the more you consume cigarettes.

Also, always try and drink alcohol in moderation. An excess amount of alcohol, like cigarettes, can lead to a bigger chance of suffering from cataracts.

5. Visit the eye doctor regularly

Simply put, you should always visit your eye doctor for yearly exams. This even applies if your vision is seemingly healthy and clear. By going on regular visits, your doctor can examine for signs of cataracts – and other vision-related disorders. Ultimately, early detection can save your vision.

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