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Surviving COVID and Getting Divorced S3E41

This was an unplanned bonus episode that I did in one take. That’s always impressive. I wanted to share an end of the year roundup and talk about some of the things my family has been dealing with in 2020. I also open up about my divorce and share how I’m choosing to handle that. …

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Parent to Parent (feat. Nikki Saunders) S3E40

In this final episode of season 3, I meet Nikki Saunders. I go into these episodes not knowing anything about these parents. I know that Nikki is an autism Mom and lives in the UK. I encourage you to join me once more on this amazing journey to learn about her life and her family. …

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I Wish More Dads Spoke Up Like This (feat. Ray Bracht) S3E39

Today’s guest is Ray Bracht. I’m super stoked about this 2nd to the last episode of the season because I snagged an autism dad. I talk to tons of autism moms and that’s awesome because I learn so much from them. I don’t hear from or speak with many autism dads and that’s always bothered …

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Meet the Parents (feat. Bernadette Woldt) S3E38

In this second to last episode of the season, I had the pleasure of meeting Bernadette Woldt. Bernadette is a single Mom of twin girls, one being autistic and the other not. She lives in Wisconsin, where at the time of recording, COVID was and still is out of control. We talk about parenting stuff, …

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Parent to Parent (feat. Tammy Seguin) S3E37

Tammy Seguin

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy Seguin. Tammy’s a single Mom of 2 kids, her oldest being autistic. She’s on the show today to share a bit about her life and journey as an autism Mom. She’s in Canada and we talk about some of the differences between how autism is handled …

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Parent to Parent (feat. Amy Nielsen) S3E36

In this weeks episode, my friend Amy Nielsen is back on the show. Amy is an autism Mom and was on a few months back. We were talking about her journey as an autism parent. We discussed how COVID was impacting their lives at the time. We also talked about what her and her husband …

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Parent to Parent (feat. Lynn Esparo) S3E35

Lynn Esparo

In this week’s Parent to Parent episode, I have the pleasure of meeting Lynn Esparo. Lynn is a single Mom to a little boy with autism. She has an amazing story and she takes us through her journey with the foster care system. Likewise, she takes us through the adoption process as well. Ours is …

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Goally is tech that helps kids manage their routine (feat. Sasha Shtern) S3E34

Sasha Shtern

In this weeks episode, I interview Sasha Shtern, CEO of Goally. Goally is really cool tech that I’ve been testing with my oldest. Goally helps kids with autism and ADHD manage their own routines or schedules independently. This is huge for many families and I’m excited to bring it to your attention. I’ve had this …

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