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Colgate and MagnusCards helping Special Needs kids with oral hygiene #ColgatePartner

This post is sponsored by #ColgatePartner and is intended to share my family’s experiences using their oral hygiene social stories to help our kids with Autism maintain good oral hygiene. Being an Autism parent is full of many challenges. We all face a unique set of circumstances, but there are… Read more »

Neurodevelopment and the Scientific Link to Autism

Disclaimer: Sponsored posts do not necessarily reflect my personal beliefs.  Neurodevelopment and the Scientific Link to Autism It’s been a few years now since the amazing discoveries made by the New Jersey based think tank The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes®, LLC. During their research into the field of neuroscience they inadvertently… Read more »

Why You Need to Watch For Stress in Your Kids

Being a parent can be hard. In between play dates and parent/teacher meetings, work and family commitments, we all feel the pressure from time to time.

Little Ways You Can Look After Your Little Ones

How often do you think how about hard it is being a parent? Making sure your kids do well at school, stay safe and happy. But while you’ll probably always find things to worry about when looking out for your children’s health, there are many little ways in which you can look after your little ones that matter just as much

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