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Home Mortgage Options Comparison

When you are planning to retire or already retired, there is one major obstacle to overcome. That obstacle is money, or more to the point lack of money. When your income drops as a result of hanging up your work attire permanently, you need a way to get some cash flowing in again. As a …

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I took the kids clothes shopping tonight

The boys and I have had a long day. After school, we were getting some things done around the house before I took them to therapy. Therapy went pretty well and while it did get pretty emotional for a bit, everyone did well. I took the kids out clothes shopping because everyone has outgrown a …

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Did you know caffeine hits kids with #ADHD differently?

We all know that kids with ADHD respond differently to stimulants. That’s why medications like Adderall help to calm them down and help them focus. That’s pretty common knowledge. Did you know that this applies to caffine as well? Emmett is very much living the ADHD life style and it can be frustratingly difficult to …

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I really miss my morning walks

I cannot wait to get back to walking every day. Since Emmett has been struggling with school, getting out to the park has proven challening. I miss the sense of peace I find while out in nature and it’s a big part of how I manage my stress and depression. I’m really hoping that this …

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I love the way my kid thinks

Emmett has found something new to amuse himself with and it’s the oddest thing. A few years ago, I received a ton of odd products to review. They were sorta random and in this bunch of random products was a really tiny scale. I’m not sure exactly what it’s meant for but I always envisioned …

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An update on my #Depression management

I wanted to make a quick update on my current methods of managing my depression. It occurred to me that I haven’t updated in awhile and since I have therapy is a few hours, I thought it would be a good time. At the end of the day, I’m doing okay. Things could always be …

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