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One of my dreams is to turn my efforts into a non-profit foundation. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and there’s a few reasons why. I would like to be able to do more than provide support and comfort online. I want to be able to help Autism and Special Needs families in …

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Making some progress in regards to Christmas

Okay, so I’m slowly making some progress with my kids as far as Christmas shopping for them is concerned. By progress I mean the ideas are starting to trickle in. That being said, not all the ideas are realistic. One of the things that my middle minion is very interested in is archery. He’s been …

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CBD and Autism: What There Is To Know

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a phytocannabinoid or endocannabinoid and is one of about 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol can be consumed in many ways: Through inhalation, aerosol spray, and orally. It has been well established that the substance can be used for various medical purposes such as the treatment of a wide variety of …

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6 Los Angeles Airport Hacks Every Traveler Needs to Know Traveling to Los Angeles Airport any time soon? Spare yourself from headaches upon arrival. Keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share to get rid of common nightmares that inexperienced travelers commonly make. 1. Book a Parking Spot Booking an LAX parking spot saves time and money. You can bring your car …

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Signs of Undiagnosed #Anxiety in Children with #Autism

I’m hoping this helps foster a bit more independence for my adult #Autistic son

We have a great deal of nothing planned today, and I’m okay with that. I feel like I slept pretty well last night, and I got my morning walk in around 8 AM. Aside from getting some work done, I also want to spend some time with Gavin. Gavin is struggling with personal hygiene issues, …

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