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A gentle reminder about Autism Awareness

Okay, folks, it’s Autism Awareness Month, and there are a million ways to celebrate. Everyone is different, and raising awareness can take many forms. I’ve been very vocal about my feelings about this over the years. I feel it’s so important that we focus on the people and less on… Read more »

Update: How I’m managing my #Depression

As many of you know, I’ve been warring with Depression for most of my life. I talk about managing Depression as an ongoing war because there will be many battles, some I’ll win and some I won’t. Recently, I decided that I needed to get more help in managing my… Read more »

How migraines and desperation led us to explore CBD products

If you’ve been reading our story for a while, you are probably aware of at least some of the problems we’re facing as a family. Most of the focus has been on the kids, especially Gavin. One of the things I haven’t spent a great deal of time lately is… Read more »

OMG! This would make #selfcare so much easier

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Self-care is so important but it’s also very difficult for families like mine. This is something I’m thinking about to make it a bit easier.