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We just hit a major milestone but I have mixed feelings

I’ve hit a pretty major parenting milestone. Elliott and Emmett are both in high school now and I no longer have any kids in grade school. We can take this a step further and also acknowledge that not only are they both in high school, but they’re both in mainstream high school. I’m so proud …

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Transitions Suck

I had a really early start to my day and it was totally worth it. Sometimes I need some motivation to get up earlier than I would otherwise, but I’m always glad I did. I want to start my days eariler whenever I can. That’s a goal going forward. The school year has officially begun …

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They finally went back to school

Thank God there’s school today. I love my kids, I truly do but there schedule has been so messed up since before Christmas break, they need to go back. I need them to go back. There were closing around us but we weren’t one of them. We got the kids off to school, and both …

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