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We made a major decision about this school year

Let me start by saying, I hate everything about this school year. I hate how our kids and teachers have been put in impossible situations because our leadership won’t take COVID seriously and do what needs be done in order to get us through this. That being said, we’ve made a major decision in regards …

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Homeschooling vs Online Learning: What You NEED to Know (feat. Annette Hines) S3E28

Homeschooling vs Online Learning: What You NEED to Know In this week’s episode, my friend Annette Hines stops by talk to about homeschooling vs online learning. We discuss the differences between homeschooling, distance learning, and remote learning. We even talk about unschooling as well. As parents, we need to know that we have rights when …

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Distance Learning Here We Come

Distance Learning

School beings on Monday and I feel woefully unprepared. I’m taking on distance learning this year because it’s the safest option.