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I wish he could just be a kid

Gavin and I waited outside the school as we do every single day. Gavin was lost in his game and I was anxiously awaiting the doors to open so I could see how the boys did today. They’ve both been struggling at school as a result of all the recent changes that have been forced …

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Even baby steps are steps forward

It was a rough night. Emmett had nightmares throughout the entire night and kept waking up. I’m exhausted and we ended up oversleeping as a result. To make things worse, I was so overwhelmed last night that I forgot to bake a new batch of pepperoni rolls for their lunches. Thankfully, Elliott and Emmett both …

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The dreaded phone call from the school

A little bit after 1PM, I received the dreaded call from the school that Elliott was not feeling well. I spoke with him and he sounded pretty awful. He said that he was nauseous and tried to make it through the day, but he couldn’t go on. He made most of the day and that’s …

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This is why my youngest with #Autism begged us to pull him out of his school

Tonight, I’m just going to get into what happened at the school to make Emmett want us to pull him out. I’m too tired to deal with all the Cleveland Clinic stuff tonight as well. I’ll get to that a bit later. As the school year enters its forth week, we’ve noticed Emmett is becoming …

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Emmett’s teacher told me the most amazing thing today

This will be quick because I’m going to bed but I wanted to share this first. When I picked up the boys from school this afternoon, one of Emmett’s teachers came out to talk to me for a minute before dismissal. She wanted to me to know how much they love having Emmett in their …

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A chaotic but successful morning

It was a somewhat chaotic morning but we got out the door and off to the first day or school without too many problems. Emmett was clearly very anxious to get to school on time and by contrast, Elliott was more relaxed on the outside but anxious on the inside. Anyway, we had a successful …

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