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When your special needs kid turns 18, there’s a ton of shit you have to worry about

We just finished meeting with Social Security. Gavin has to requalify for permanent disability now because he’s eighteen years old. The appointment only took about an hour and that’s not too bad. I felt terrible because there were people without appointments who’d already been waiting almost five hours for a possible walk-in appointment. That absolutely …

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I’m really going to have to buckle down today

We’ve got a busy day tonight and our success depends on whether or not Emmett makes it to school. It’s more important that we get out the door on time because we have to have Gavin’s bloodwork done and get Lizze to a doctors appointment before 9 AM. I try to be positive but I …

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When your special needs child turns 18

I just got a letter from Social Security in regards to Gavin. He and I have an appointment with social security on January 25th in regards to Gavin becoming an adult. Part of Gavin turning eighteen means that things like this are going to come up. We’re currently working on permanent guardianship, which will continue …

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