When good news is heartbreaking 

I wanted to share some insight into what it’s like to be heartbroken by good news. I know that sounds weird but let me explain. 

On Tuesday, we were informed that Gavin has graduated from speech therapy. He had brought his scores up in several areas and he no longer fit the criteria that would enable him to continue. …

It’s the not knowing that kills me as a parent

It’s becoming clear that Gavin’s struggling more and more. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if this is another leg of his journey with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, the result of changes to his medications or just par for the course.
His level of functionality is decreasing and doing so in weird areas.

Things like self-awareness are slipping. There’s never …

1 BIG reason I’m worried about Gavin

This is an important update on Gavin’s current overall status and one that’s a bit concerning, although not entirely unexpected.

Gavin’s officially off of Lithium for the first time in over a decade. We were a bit caught off guard at the timing because we were supposed to stop this coming Thursday but when his new box …

Major Update: We saw the psychiatrist today

Many things have happened today but in this entry, I want to focus on what is arguably the most pivotal. 

I spoke previously about Gavin having his Lithium dose cut in half, with the potential of being totally removed in the near future. The near future has arrived and we met with Dr. Reynolds this afternoon about this …

My heart broke twice today (part 1)

I was excited about today because we had some exciting things in the works and Emmett even got off to school without much problem. He ended up wearing his flip-flops to school. 

Shortly after home from dropping the boys off at school, Lizze and I wanted to finish a show we had previously left unfinished. 

Gavin came downstairs …

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