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My #autistic kids can say and do the most random things

I promised Gavin I would get this out there tonight and it’s currently 1:34 am EST and as my eyes are rolling into the back of my head, I’m determined not to let him down. This will however, be brief. ☺ Gavin absolutely kills me sometimes. Yes, he has his challenges and yes, I can …

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I haven’t felt this overwhelmed in a long time

Over the last decade, this blog has evolved into whatever it is now. One of the things that have remained consistent throughout is the honesty with with I write. I may not write as much anymore and my writing isn’t as inspiring as it once was, but it’s just as honest as the day is …

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A mixed bag

Thus far, today has been a mixed bag. The boys wanted to do yard work but Gavin decided he’d rather clean the bathroom, which is fine. I don’t leave the boys outside alone for several reasons, all related to safety. Everyone did great and now I need to get some work done on my end. …

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I need more patience and I don’t know where to find it

Last night was really bad. Gavin had a massive blowout about 12:30 am. What happened matters less than what triggered it. Ever since Gavin was little, he has not been able to tolerate making mistakes. There are times when he makes a mistake and can brush it but majority of the time, mistakes lead to …

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Confessions: Sometimes I am resentful that I’m raising my kids alone

I’ve had a really stressful night because Gavin had a pretty massive freak out and I once again had to deal with it alone. I’m too tired to get into details but essentially, Gavin made a mistake and flipped the fuck out because he doesn’t tolerate making mistakes. He’s always been this way. He’s very …

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My #specialneeds #immunocompromised son is terrified by #COVID19 and afraid of dying alone

I just spent a good chunk of time trying to convince Gavin that he does not have COVID19. This is heartbreaking and becoming an ongoing struggle that’s proving difficult to navigate. In case you’re one of my many new readers, here’s a little background on Gavin so you can put this into perspective. Gavin is …

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