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You won’t believe where we found his missing #IVIG Infusion supplies

After some serious searching in every conceivable place, we finally were able to locate most of the missing supplies. We found 4 sets of tubing and 2 needle sets underneath the small couch in our dining room. It was the last place we looked because it didn’t occur to us… Read more »

This is a perfect example of why being a #specialneeds parent can be so exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming

We’re not off to a good start today. I basically woke up to Elliott and Emmett fighting and it went downhill from there. I could have weathered the fighting but then Gavin entered my morning with news that very much pushed me over the edge. Gavin casually approaches me and… Read more »

Gavin had a massive emotional breakdown last night

Gavin had a complete emotional breakdown while at therapy last night, it came out of nowhere and it a big one. He was playing basketball with Emmett and while he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he also wasn’t recognizing that he was playing with someone half his size. I pulled him… Read more »

The heartbreaking reality of how trauma has seriously impacted one of my kids with #Autism

I’ve been meaning to write this but the idea of doing so has been too overwhelming. There are a number of reasons for that but the main one is that I’m struggling with my own depression at this point and many things have me overwhelmed. I’m going to try and… Read more »

A major update on the mass in Gavin’s forearm

Real quick, I wanted to share a bit of good news. We heard back from the doctor today in regards to the mass in his forearm. The doctor sent us a message via My Chart and explained the results of the ultrasound. She said it appears that the mass consists… Read more »

An example of how repetition helps Gavin learn or maintain skills

It’s been a difficult day because Gavin is definitely struggling but it’s sort of a mixed bag. I’ll give you an example. I mentioned to him last night that he needs to shave because if he’s going to grow facial hair, he needs to maintain it. His goatee comes in… Read more »

Gavin’s been freaking out all morning

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We have nothing on the schedule for today, aside from the activities that happen every Friday. The kids have school, and Gavin has his IVIG Infusion. Everyone is dragging this morning cause it’s been a very emotionally dragging week. Gavin’s already caused some unnecessary stress. He was washing some dishes… Read more »

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