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My teen with #Autism was frisked by police today and here’s what happened

“I was thinking to myself, OMG please let Gavin be okay with this because sometimes he can be unpredictable when it comes to being touched.”


I’m heartbroken because Gavin’s really beginning to struggle again :'(

“I can’t adequately express how much this kills me. As his father, it’s so hard to know that he’s going through this and there’s very little I can do to about it”


We received heartbreaking news about Gavin’s health this morning 

“Right now I’m feeing like my world is crashing down around me. I’m sick to my stomach and I’m strattling a very fine line between bursting into tears just freaking out.”


Gavin drove me crazy with his incessant talking on what’s probably the worst day I’ve had in awhile

“At the risk of sounding like a terrible parent, I’m going to admit that my oldest son Gavin, is driving me absolutely bat shit crazy. Some would argue that’s a short trip and frankly, they’re probably right”