Why I withheld my son’s IVIG infusion this week  

I’m pretty sure I told you that Gavin’s IVIG supplies were delivered on Wednesday. What I didn’t explain was that we held off on giving it to him until Friday. 

The reason behind that seemingly counterintuitive move was simple.

By the time we could have given him his infusion on Wednesday, it would have been really late in the day.… Read More

The weird things my son with #Autism says

The things I talk about in this post are not meant to be disrespectful for Gavin. If you’re an Autism parent, you’ll probably have at least some experience with your kid saying something weird in front of someone in public. They don’t mean anything by it. It’s just those pesky, awkward social and conversational skills. 

We’ve all been there and it’s okay to talk about these moments because if we don’t have a sense of humor, we’ll go crazy at a much faster pace. 

It’s a sign of a good day when I’ve made it this far without collapsing from exhaustion.… Read More

Major Update on Gavin’s missing medications

Throughout the day, I had about half a dozen different conversations in regards to Gavin not receiving his IVIG medications and supplies. I spoke with his doctor, his insurance case manager and the head pharmacist at the pharmacy we want to switch to for his supplies. 

Let’s get this out of the way first. 

Gavin’s doctor’s office was finally able to get things straightened out with our current supplier.… Read More

My son is missing his critical medications for the month

A large part of my stress load today is the result of Gavin’s IVIG supplies never showing up. 

I was contacted on Friday by the supplier who said that Gavin’s shipment is delayed because they have been unable to get refills from the doctor. They were going to fix this yesterday but that never happened. 

I spoke with Gavin’s doctor today and they have never been contacted for a refill or it would have been done immediately.… Read More

Why I sent my #specialneeds son to his room

It’s been one of those days were Gavin being Gavin has really been challenging for me. It’s not his fault and I’m not angry with him at all but I am frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

The issue for me is that he’s not functioning at a very high level today and he’s creating more work for me as a result. I’m having to constantly chase after him, keep him from hurting himself in accident and the repetition..… Read More

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