Ready to give up

Lizze just got back from taking Emmett to Dr. H to make sure Emmett John didn’t have an ear infection. He has been pulling on his ears and digging into them and we wanted to make sure everything is ok.

His ears are clean and the tubes are clear. So it looks like Emmett John is trying to figure out why everything is silent. We think his hearing loss has been gradual. He is probably loosing the rest of it now. We know that he can no longer hear us. It’s so hard to know this and be able to do nothing to stop it. For more information, you can also check the Complete Guide To Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids from

I don’t want to hear how it could be worse. I assumed I had been watching him see and hear things for the first time. Now I wonder if he has ever heard my voice. Has he ever heard me tell him I love him? Now I sign it and hope he will understand.

I don’t know if its harder on us or him. He will probably never know the difference but that doesn’t make it any easier. I just want the best for him. He had enough of a challenge living with his autistic brother.

We still haven’t gotten our appointment for the ABR test. Dr. H is going to try to push things along. We should have one by Monday. This test will tell us how bad the hearing loss actually is. we meet with the lady to begin his services next week. They will help us get him on disability as that will open up many doors for him. We will get into sign language classes. He will start speech therapy ASAP so he can learn to communicate.

All this aside it is our hope that he is in no discomfort.

Lost and Heartbroken

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