It’s been awhile

Nothing really new to report this weekend. Gavin was doing ok but today we have had some problems. We got Elliott a Nintendo DSi the other day.

We decided to let Gavin and Elliott play together a little today since Gavin has been doing well. We have a baby monitor in the room to hear everything and we are like 10 feet away in the next room. Apparently Gavin started having Elliott take pictures of him with his DSi. He had been whispering ( which he knows he is not allowed to do )to Elliott.

We jumped in right away only to hear Gavin say he wanted Elliott take pictures of him in his under ware.

Super creepy, right? We then took the DSi and went through the pictures and found even more creepy ones.

That put in end to the play time. Things happen even when we are right there. Later we had issues with Gavin touching Elliott (because he just wanted to) on his head. Gavin knows the rules yet chose to do it anyway. We have to be swift and severe in order to correct the problem.

Lost and Tired

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