It all comes crashing down 

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Is it possible to get a do over for today? I mean, it’s only 7:00 am and I’m already being tested. 

Gavin was trying to be helpful this morning by putting the clean dishes away that had been left to dry in the strainer. 

Next thing I know, I hear a huge crash and when I look in the kitchen, Gavin had dropped an entire stack of bowls, sending shattered glass everywhere. 

Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt but when I say there was glass everywhere, I mean everywhere. 

To make things even more frustrating, the Goddamn broom snapped as I was trying get all the glass from the far reaches of everywhere. 
Gavin’s freaking out because he’s upset with himself. I’m not mad and have made the as clear as possible. 

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I am frustrated and wishing there was a reset button that I could push to start the day over. I’ve got so much to do today and starting things out like this have me on edge. 


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