Today has been the longest ever. Everyone seems to be on edge. No one seems to be sleeping well. Emmett John appears to be getting sick again. Elliott Richard is bored and suffering from cabin fever.

Things have been sort of uneventful the past day or so. Which is good, obviously. But today went down hill pretty quick. Gavin was sitting on the couch watching TV this afternoon with us. Elliott Richard was sitting on the couch also. Next thing we know Elliott Richard is curled up nest to Gavin and Gavin has both arms around him with his hands on Elliott Richards butt. Gavin announced to everyone in the room to look at him because he was snuggling Elliott Richard and don't they look cute. We removed Elliott Richard right away ( I'm not even sure how this happened, we were right there) and pulled Gavin away and demanded to know what he was doing. We reminded him once again of the rules and he (once again) said he knew he wasn't allowed to do that but he did it anyway.

Gavin has been sent to his room and he will have no contact with anyone especially the kids until this weekend. He will eat in his room. He can use the bathroom, play with his toys and even read. He just has no contact. This is critical because if he does these things when he is older he can and will go to jail. This is the only deterrent we have left to use as nothing else works. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. We'll see how Friday goes. There is no school tomorrow.

I finished rebuilding my new Intel i7 core tower this week. Finally got everything tweaked out nicely. This thing is a monster. That was a nice distraction for a bit. Lizze has been working on these medical books for the Gavin and Emmett John. We want to have all their records and medical information in one place. They each will have thick binder with all the medical history inside. This will make keeping track of things much easier. They both frequent their various specialists so this will be a big help. Elliott Richard was the one with the roughest start and he has zero health problems. This project has kept her busy for the past few days.

Please let tomorrow be easier.

Lost and Tired

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Guys, just know that you are doing the best you can at the most diffucult job in the world. We have an autistic 2.5 yr old as well as a 4wk old, a 14mth old and a 12 year old.We have very little family help too so i know what is like to feel so isolated. Keep blogging, Im reading !


I came upon your blog through twitter and read through a few of your rescent posts. We just received a dual dx for our 7yr old autistic son a week ago. He has a separate serious anxiety disorder which she says will ecompass his OCD behaviors. Anyway I read your blogs and I know just how you feel. My other son has his own set of mental issues. Thank you for your courage in blogging the raw parts of this disorder. We live in a small town and feel so misunderstood. People come to the house and are in shock of the holes in the walls, the fact that we just have 1 dining room chair left. Its a whole new universe when it comes to our lives. I thank you again.

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