This is what my favorite part of the day looks like……

While my Mom had offered to pick up the boys from school, I opted instead, to do it myself.  Picking up the kids is my favorite time of day and I could use the fresh air.  I also have to hit the pharmacy on the way home as well, so it just works out better.

When I pick up the kids from school, I always like to be first in line at the parent pickup. 

I used to go into the school all the time and retrieve them but now I sorta do whichever I’m in the mood for.  Either works because I spend the time waiting, getting caught up on some writing…

Ewing first in line is only important to me because I can park in the shade and that makes writing much easier. I have the corner of the building casting a shadow over my car and that’s just one of the weird things in life I seem to appreciate. 


Maybe I’m weird..  I like my technology but always appreciate the simplest things in life. 

Anyway, the above picture is what I see while I’m waiting for my little cubs to emerge from those two brown doors, at precisely 3:00 pm…. ☺

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