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Sitting waiting to go into Gavin’s appointment. Trying to think thru getting our computer business back up and running full steam. I just built my new tower and it’s running really nice. I also got most of my testing gear together. I got external burners and external docks for just about any HDD you can imagine. I am in the process of transferring my domain to a new host and my website will be back up. I am going to be working on some marketing things this week as I have time.

We never actually shut down we just stopped pursuing new customers. I still had business but we had just to much going on to focus on both businesses. When the site is back up I post a link here so you can check it out.

Lost and Tired

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    • Mari on March 23, 2010 at 7:11 pm
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    I learn something about you everyday. Can't wait to see the site.

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