Emmett John

Emmett John

Emmett John has been all over the place. All he does is scream. He is still sick a bit but there is no consoling him. He just flings himself backwards with no regard for hurting himself. He has been doing this the past few months or so. This could just be typical 2 year old behavior, right?

Lizze and I have been discussing what we need to do now. We are using words like “early intervention” and “nonverbal”. We never knew about this stuff with Gavin because he wasn’t diagnosed till he was 5years old. And my biggest fear is that he will go down the same road Gavin did. But the reality is that Gavin’s bio-dad is bi-polar and a sociopath. I always tell Lizze that the parts of Gavin that are good he got from her.
Bio-dad’s other son (Gavin’s half brother) is profoundly mentally handicapped. So I think the odds are good that Emmett John will have a much easier life then poor Gavin will.

So we are just waiting for the referral to the autism clinic at Children’s to see what our next step in this new and unexpected journey will be.

I want to thank everyone for you kinds words, wise advice and continual prayers. We keep all of you in ours. Thanks again


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mine were diagnosed at 2.5 flinging is very typical of Autism, as is non talking, and the lack of eye contact. I know it’s a hard road you two are on but in our case atleast our kids have moved past it and although the eye contact isn’t the best they do talk. Early intervention was great for that. We have trouble now with the social interaction. They don’t interact well with others so their siblings are their friends. It’s hard for special needs kids to have friends especially those with Autism and Asperger’s. The thing we watch out for are the people who still have the theory of “they need a good spanking” cause in our eyes that won’t fix anything. You two should check out the HBO movie Temple Grandin. It will help you I know it helped us.

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