We meet with the school in the morning

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In the morning we are meeting with the school. Gavin’s main therapist, Dr. Patti is going to be there so we can try to fix some of the issues we are having with the schools approach with Gavin. This has been a long time coming and really needs to go well.

My main goal for tomorrow is for the teachers to recognize that Gavin IS NOT your typical aspie.. He is extremely complex and can’t be treated the same way. ironically we want them to be tougher on him. Most times parents want the teachers to lighten up but not in our case.

We need them to crack the whip so to speak. Gavin has to learn there consequences for his violent outbursts. It’s the only real chance he has. They are being manipulated by him and we need them to be more aware of it. So wish us luck and I will let you know how it goes.


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What kind of program design is he currently being educated in (inclusion, special day class, separate facility, non public)? I do not know your state regulations, but some program's can't legally be more reactive in response to his behavior with in the confines of that particular program. As well, depending on whether he has a BSP or a BIP, will determine exactly how and what they are allowed to do. While it's pretty common that we all want our kids to stay in the least restrictive environment, sometimes to meet their behavioral needs, you have to look at something more restrictive (say non public for instance). As well, often times the staff in such environments have much more experience with the population and the numerous techniques available when it comes to behavior. If the problems are arising out of an ineffective plan, you can have it re-written. If it's the staff failure to implement, then you have the option of filing a compliance complaint with your school district, or state education board. If it's a problem with program design and what is allowable, you can ask for a placement change. Behavior is so very important, and can be the cornerstone to learning for these kids! If you feel they need to be more reactive, then they need to understand that message loud and clear (and this is coming from a sped teacher).


good luck I will be thinking good thoughts for you all tomorrow hope you get the success in the meeting you are looking for. Can't wait to hear how it goes.