Gavin’s Day

Lizze drove Gavin to school this morning and decided to take Emmett John along for the ride. Once in the car Gavin begins to yell at Lizze because we “wake him up” in the morning for school. He got pretty angry when she said that we weren’t going to stop waking him up in the morning. He had himself a meltdown of sorts in the car. Mild in comparison to what he usually does but enough to make Emmett John cry.

I went to pick him up from school expecting him to have had a bad day. Turns out when he verbally abuses his mother in the morning it leads to a perfect day at school.

Needless to say Gavin and I had a “coming to Jesus” meeting on the way home from school about his unacceptable behavior towards his mother. He has no idea what she has been through for him and probably won’t for quite some time. If and when he can handle it we will have that talk.


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