It never quits -

It never quits

Standing here watching the water leak out of my broken bath tub faucet. I really need to fix that. The problem is that there are no water shut offs in the entire house. I have to shut the water off to the entire house. Since it’s the hot water leaking I can shut the hot water off at the tank.

Nothing in the 100 year old house was ever fixed correctly. Now in order to do repairs you need to almost do them wrong just so it will work. As an example the soil stack cracked a few years ago. So my dad and I tore into the wall to expose the pipe. We cut the pipe out and put in a patch. The problem occurred when we cut through the pipe. Someone had run the second and third floor electric feed lines and physically attached it to the back side of the soil. We had no idea it was there because it shouldn’t have been. We cut right through it and BAM big blue flash. We then had to rerun the power to the second and third floor.

The point is that there is no such thing as a simple fix in this house. It don’t even want to think about tearing into the bath tub to fix the leak. It just never quits…


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