Gavin, autism and comorbidity -

Gavin, autism and comorbidity

Gavin has been acting very strange lately. We had him to Dr. R this week and we decided that he is over medicated. Well at least we think so. We are going to drop down on the zyprexa and leaving the depakote alone. This is the last ditch effort to avoid lithium.

He’s back to not sleeping again. Last night he was up till 1am. He walks around like he’s a zombie. There’s no life in him right now. He says he’s fine but that cannot be true. I don’t think he even knows what’s going on. I’m not sure how much time we are going to give this before we pull the plug. The zyprexa made the voices go away. Now I think they may be coming back but he won’t tell us the truth because he knows it’s not good.

Having a child with autism and the comorbidities that Gavin has is especially challenging if for no other reason then medications are almost impossible. Kids like Gavin usually need to be on a cocktail of meds in order to survive daily life. In our case, if we treated one disorder then another became worse. We chased our tails for many years. We eventually found this combination that seems to have worked for the last year or so but not anymore.

Enter puberty stage left. Now his body chemistry is changing and that is troubling for a number of reasons. For right now we are troubled by the medication complications..


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