Adaptation is key when nothing ever goes as planned

My plans for the day have sorta been derailed because Emmett is sick and couldn’t go to school. 

Emmett was the only one of the three boys to receive the flumist, rather than the actual shot on Saturday. 


Shortly before bed last night, Emmett began with a low grade fever, roughly 100.3 °F.  As the night progressed, he became very stuffy.  It honestly presents like a head cold. 

Anyway, he had one Hell of a time sleeping last night because of the sneezing and congestion.

While we were working on preparing for school this morning, you could see that he was sick just by looking at him. 

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It’s nothing serious but it’s definitely enough to interfere with school and so he remained home today. 

I have a call into the pediatrician, in order to obtain documentation for the school as to why he isn’t there today. 

He’s on motrin right now and so he’s feeling better at the moment. 

As a result of my little mini-me being home sick, some of my plans had to be placed on hold. 

I did however,  manage to get the ball rolling on the school meeting for Elliott and that’s a big thing. 

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Gavin’s OT/PT appointment still needs rescheduled and I need to do his IVIG infusion as well. 

Is it frustrating that nothing ever goes as planned? Of course it is but it’s not like things always go wrong.  It may feel that way sometimes but we’ve racked up some pretty major victories..

At the end of the day, I have to be flexible.  I have to be able to adapt to a profoundly dynamic situation.  If I couldn’t do that or worse, if I refused to do that, we might as well just call it quits because we would never get anywhere and I’d probably end up losing my mind. 

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