Gavin’s health isn’t doing so well

I’ve had a very busy afternoon of scheduling doctors appointments for Gavin. I bounced back and forth between Akron Children’s Hospital and The Cleveland Clinic for what seemed like an eternity.

After all the calls, I only ended up with one appointment so far.

On September 4th, Gavin will return to his neurology specialist at The Cleveland Clinic. Normally Gavin goes there for his autonomic disorder and epilepsy but this time around is different.

Gavin has been telling us that his legs aren’t working right.

We haven’t been able to get more reliable information out of him but it sounds like his legs are giving out. We haven’t seen him fall but it seems like he’s having issues with his legs supporting his weight.

That’s a problem. We don’t know what’s behind it but neurology is the place to start. They’re tentatively referring to this as bilateral instability.

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