Small Fiber Neuropathy

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I learned something new yesterday. Rather, I gained a better understanding of what’s going to be happening today at the Cleveland Clinic. Gavin is having 3 skin biopsies done this morning. The doctor called Monday afternoon, prior to our to our trip to Akron Children’s Hospital and explained the entire procedure. The biopsies will be taken from his leg. He will receive 3 injections of lidocaine, to numb the general areas. Once that is done, they will take 3 skin samples. My understanding is that it’s like a large hallow needle, that is used to puncture the skin and remove the sample. I’m pretty sure that this is notgoing to go over well with Gavin. I also learned more about what they are looking for. It’s called small fiber neuropathy. Basically, they are looking to see if Gavin has active nerves attached to his smaller blood vessels. These nerve endings are what tell the blood vessels to constrict. What they suspect is that these nerves are either not present or not functioning. This would explain the orthostatic issues he’s been having. I’ll talk more about this after the procedure is done.

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I have non-length dependent small fiber neuropathy that was really bad (burning pretty much everywhere except a couple of places) when first occurred 1/10. I went to neurologists at The Cleveland Clinic who ordered up the skin biopsy that diagnosed it. They said the supersensitivity to light touch and fabric was called allodynia. My face has been the worst for that, and was unable to wear any of my "old" clothes except for three items until fairly recently. I have added a few more items and had to get some new things just to be presentable when going out. I'd recommend acupuncture or chinese medicine -&nbsp ; as an alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals.