Rough day -

Rough day

Today has been a rough one. Gavin got off to school on a bad note. I was up all night again with ER. EJ few off the couch several times today and has a bruise running up and down the left side of his face. We can’t sem to stay ahead of him no matter how hard we try, and believe me we do.

As you are aware we have had some family drama which has impacted us in a negative way. We have begun to rise above this and I plan on leaving this behind me now. We have more worthy things to spend our precious little amounts of energy on.

Gavin had a good day at school but a really rough time once home. He just doesn’t listen at all. He was talking to ER about his dead cat. I have told him countless times not to talk to ER about ANYTHING like that but he doesn’t listen. So I had to spend over an hour trying to explain why we could not save Gavin’s cat and bring him home so Gavin can be happy. Gavin has become very good at stalling when he doesn’t want to do anything. Pointless question after question time and time again. It’s driving me crazy. He won’t just do the extremely simple and mundane tasks we ask of him. He drags it out to the point that I want to say “forget it, I’ll do it myself”. However, I can’t do that because he will just do it again and again. We can’t let these things work or we will be chasing our tails forever.

Lizze has returned to the school PTA as president. While I have my concerns about her taking on anything else right now, she is really good at it. The school really needs her and it might do her some good and be a distraction. She let the position go this year because it was just to much. The principle wants to take her to lunch the first week of June. She is really excited about this. I’m very proud of her and look forward to helping her next year.

We owe the school a tremendous amount. They have really helped Gavin and will eventually be helping EJ. This is a charter school so they need all the help they can get. I can’t say enough about how they change the lives of these kids. I think Lizze might be doing an article in which she interviews the school for the examiner.

I’m currently catching up on my shows and doing laundry. It’s really the only quiet time I get so I take what I can.

Have a great night..


Thank you for sharing our lives. LT

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