Today is new medication Monday -

Today is new medication Monday

We should be starting the Clozapine at some point today. I had a talk with Gavin about the blood work that would be required every week. He didn’t seem to bothered by it but it may not seem real until it actually happens. I explained how this medicine will help the voices and “scary thoughts” go away. He didn’t freak out or anything like that. However, to be completely honest, he has probably already forgotten about the conversation.
He’s already off to a pretty rough start this morning. I thought it best not to remind him and add anxiety to the mix. I truly hope we are making the right decision by doing this new medication. 

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For the patients I have worked with over the years that take Clozaril, they said it works well. Weight gain is the biggest complaint. Prayers your way for a positive effect and decreased symptoms

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