Day 2 of camp

ER is off to camp again today. He is thrilled to be there. Hopefully this will bode well for preschool this fall.

Gavin has already been to his room twice. The first time was for not listening and the second time I can’t remember but probably has to do with not listening. He keeps trying to have these bizarre conversations with me. I can’t really explain because they didn’t make any sense and to be honest I was filtering it out after a point. He gets frustrated because I can’t follow what he’s saying. Sometimes he will ask me if I remember when he was six years old and he watched spongebob at grandma’s house while eating peanut butter and jelly? First off if he was there it was probably because they were watching him. I tell him Gavin I wasn’t there so no I don’t remember. This usually isn’t good enough so he will describe it in more detail and the cycle goes on until I can’t take it.

He has an amazing long term memory but zero short term memory. I find I am often time frustrated by this because he can remember something from 6 years ago but can’t remember I just asked him to put his shoes on. This is one of the reasons why I have such a hard time gaging where is coming from on things. You never know if he is being difficult or he really can’t remember and/or do something asked of him.


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Rob Gorski

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Rob- totally random thought here. (and you know what I'm dealing with so I hope this makes sense 😉 ) but when Gavin does his "Remember when" act, by chance have you tried turning it around and asking HIM about times like when you went fishing? Perhaps that may help your sanity? Just a totally random thought and atleast it would be something you would enjoy talking about with your son 🙂

much <3 to you guys!