Today's #Autism and #SPD Victory: Try, try and try again -

Today’s #Autism and #SPD Victory: Try, try and try again

I have give mad props to my middle child, Elliott.  Elliott is my extremely anxious aspie.  He’s always been very skiddish about anything that takes his feet off the ground.

Today, Elliott made several attempts to make it to the top of this slide. 

Eat time he would back himself, all the way down.  He just couldn’t quite make it all the way. However, he kept trying until he finally made it. 

I don’t know how many times he actually tried before going through with it but it only took that one time to conquer his fear and dominate the slide.

It’s kinda funny because the time that I actually recorded it, he had a mishap but he still did it and I’m super proud of him.


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Good job Elliot! First one step and then another…
I think it’s awesome that you praise your kids for all the things they do right, like this. My boyfriend is my lifeline and is very patient with me and has basically taught me how to interact with people and stuff, but he doesn’t acknowledge when I do things right. Usually he’ll say “You did X wrong,” and I’ll say, “Yes, but I managed to do Y and Z correctly” and he will say, “Well, you need to get it all right. The world doesn’t run on percentages. You did well but not good enough.” It makes me sad when he says that.


MeaghanGood Aw Meaghan, it makes me sad, too.  It sounds as if *you* have a thing or two to teach *him* about how to interact with people.  I totally agree about the positive reinforcement Rob gives his kids, though.  It’s a wonderful gift to have a totally supportive parent (or two of course).


dotdash MeaghanGood I totally agree with what you said here dot….. 🙂


MeaghanGood thank you, as always. 🙂

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