Lizze and I are both exhausted and losing hope. We need to deal with the fact that Gavin is a 10 year old pubescent toddler. He responds to emotional and social situation with the maturity of a 2 year old.

How do we even begin to cope with that. It is easy to verbally recognise this but it’s another thing in practice. He is very strong and only getting stronger. If he gets mad or frustrated, much like Emmett John, he just freaks out and has a fit. He doesn’t have the capacity of a 10 year to handle situations like sharing toys, or expressing his frustration in a constructive manner. He just melts down.

I met with Dr. Patti tonight and there is no easy answer. Do we use time outs? Even if they worked (and they don’t) you are supposed be in time out for 1 minute per year of age. How old is he in reality? A time out for 2 minutes might work for EJ but not Gavin. Where are the answers to these questions? No one and I mean no one has any direction for us to go in. Our experts are easily among the best of the best. Our children’s hospital world renowned and still no one knows what to do. That doesn’t give us much hope for the future.

Honestly, we are rapidly approaching the point where we will have to consider placing him somewhere in order to ensure the best interests of the other kids. That is a heartache I can’t even begin to describe.

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I hear the tiredness. I'm not sure what state you are in but I have waiver services for my daughter. She is 21. Waiver services have allowed me to work and her to now live on her own. She gets 24 hour supports. I can go on and on but I hate to overwhelm people. I guess the main thing I want you two to know is that there is something better than an institution.

Just my 2 cents!

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