Autism is taking it’s toll

Elliott Richard is having major anxiety issues. He is so stressed out that he’s breaking out in hives (Lizze does the same thing). ER is our “typical” child. While he’s most likely very high functioning Asperger’s unless you knew what you were looking for you would never know it. He is very well adjusted and a social butterfly but he does have the anxiety. and sensory issues.

Dr. Patti said he needs to be reassured and made to feel safe. That is a lot easier said then done. How are you supposed to help him to feel safe when Gavin is freaking out as often as he does? How do we make him safe when Gavin tells him the scary things he does?

As difficult as it is to raise an Autistic child, it’s even more difficult to shield your other kids from the fallout. Obviously not all Autistic kids are like Gavin. Honestly, Gavin is a unique extreme.

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Rob Gorski

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