My response to”Redemption on the Way?”

My response to”Redemption on the Way?”

Please read “Redemption on the way?” by C. Linderman Sr.

This was my response on his site:

“The big flaw in the anti-vaccine battle is that Autism is on the rise, worldwide. Worldwide also includes third world countries where kids don’t get the vaccines. What about the parents that aren’t getting their kids vaccines and sill develop Autism. Currently whooping cough has reached epidemic status in California due too lack of vaccinations.

My oldest experienced regression prior to the MMR. While it is possible that some kids have a reaction to the vaccines it most likely was a catalyst to begin a process already in waiting.

We need to move past the in-fighting and push to fund more research.”

People are dying from diseases that were all but defeated decades ago. I don’t know that there is any great conspiracy surrounding Autism.  Autism is however, an epidemic the likes of which the human race has never faced. It’s effect can be very profoundly debilitating in some and almost an advantage in others.  With so many kids being effected by this it”s stands to reason that some of these drug companies are touch by Autism on a personal level as well. If there was something to this debate then why would they allow their kids to be put at risk or even effected by these vaccines. I would bet that there are powerful politians and drug company CEO’s with Autistic kids or grand kids.  When we have “extremists” (for lack of a better term) encouraging extreme ideals like not vaccinating our kids it destroys any credibility we have as a community. All that happens as a result is kids are dying from preventable diseases. All of this while more and more kids continue to get diagnosed Autistic, including those un-vaccinated.

This isn’t the X-Files this is our children. Forget the conspiracy theories and address the actual problem. Let’s make people aware of  Autism and how it affects our kids and families. The more we suffer from in-fighting and propaganda the more time and credibility we waste. As anyone one touched by Autism will attest to time is of the essence.

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pharmacy technician

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!


Agreed. Let's get past the conspiracy. Figure out how and accommodate parents who are worried about vaccines. And figure this out!

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