It's moments like this that I realize just how "on my own" I really am -

It’s moments like this that I realize just how “on my own” I really am

With Elliott being as sick as he is and not wanting to drag him around all day taking his brothers to there various therapies, I’ve made a decision.

The only thing that could really be done was to cancel all therapies except Dr. Patties. That appointment is at night and that gives us a bit of flexibility.


Elliott’s supposed to be just fine but his cough is pretty scary and I don’t feel like poking fate with a stick.

These therapies are important but they can be rescheduled without a problem.. This is a fantastic example if one of the downfalls of being a single parent……no backup…

It is what it is and while it’s not a perfect solution, it’s the best of the worst ideas and it’s the one I’ve chosen to run with. 

If Emmett has school in the morning, which is a big if (snow day), my Mom will take him to and from school. 

There’s a chance I could’ve made it work but it wasn’t a certainty.  If I don’t give enough heads up on the cancelations, the boys could lose their spots in therapy.  That’s why I canceled as soon as I felt they may not make it.  I can’t take any chances…

Like I said above, this is one of those situations where I realize just how on my own I really am….

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