The tippy toe dance

I love my boys,  I truly do.  I consider myself a patient guy but goddamn it,  I can only take so much. Right now,  I have reached a saturation point,  meaning,  I can’t absorb or cope with anything else right now.

The boys are each tippy toe dancing on my last nerve. 

Gavin is actually well behaved,  but is in a place where he feels the needs to tell me every single thing he thinks.  It’s nonstop and quite often repetitive.  I try to listen to him,  I honestly do.  I just can’t do it forever and Gavin have no off switch,  volume dial or mute button.

Emmett is driving everyone crazy.  He’s screaming over everything and has been quite aggressive lately.  He has been hitting Lizze and Elliott today.  He likes to get Elliott backed into a corner and prevent him from leaving. This of course,  sends Elliott into a panic,  which then leads to more screaming.

Elliott is doing better but is still struggling,  especially when Emmett is involved.

All of the constant noise and chaos wares on a person.  After awhile if just feels like they are tippy toe dancing on my last nerve…..

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I just kinda realized that I do this to people around me sometimes, without realizing it. Oops. For me it's just a way to verbalize my thoughts, mostly to myself but I like to get those around me involved for some reason. Maybe just reassurance? I dunno.

Bonnie Stewart

Sorry. If my eleven-yr-old son had a mute button, I would share it with you. You know how it sounds: Like every thought that goes through their head they have to audio caption it, and then they press rewind 25 times on that same thought! Ahhh! God bless your last nerve and may He preserve it until you get a break.


If I had a magic wand, I'd ping you and give you some peace and quiet…breathe deep, Daddy, you're doing a great job!